At SpaGenius Hot tub Repair, We Service all Brands of Hot tub !


Pump Replacmenets

Is your pump making loud, grinding or high pitched noises? Is it leaking? It might be due for a replacement.


Spa Pak Repalcements

Spa Paks can malfunction regardless of their age. We can order and Install a new Spa paks & Circuit board for you.


Error Code and Heating

We have seen all the error codes on all the different hot tub brand. These error codes are caused by faulty sensor, boards or even bad pumps.

Revive your relaxation: Fix your faulty hot tub today!

There can be various culprits behind the failing of your beloved hot tubs. At SpaGenius Hot tub repair, we will diagnose these parts and offer the most affordable and practical solutions for you.

Diagnosing Error Codes

It’s important to consult a professional technician to properly diagnose and fix any error codes that appear.

Hot tub error codes are messages displayed on a hot tub’s control panel or digital display that indicate a problem with the hot tub’s operation. These error codes are typically represented by a combination of letters and numbers and can help to identify the issue that needs to be addressed. Contact SpaGenius Hot tub Repair for more Info.

Our Working Process


Phone Consultation

The process starts with getting basic information about the tub and the ongoing problem.



Then we book a service call on day that works for you.



Based on the symptoms, we diagnose the Issue to find exact cause.



After identifying the problem, necessary repairs are performed for tub’s optimum health.

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